I am not claiming to declare big truths here. I neither claim to invent something new. It is very likely that some author, philosopher, poet, or artist has thought these impressions already long before me. Yet, each of these thoughts are backed with a meaningful experience or interaction in some moment in my life. My only reason for sharing these ideas, is the hope that they may nurture some meaning for you or someone you know.


  August 11th, 2016:

May 17th 2016:

September 19th 2013:

  • Nervousness is excitement in the making.

September 13th 2013:

  • Loss leaves us with an empty space … The quality of faith we uphold during the loss, determines the quality of the new experiences that will fill up that empty space.

September 12th 2013:

  • With honest self-observation it is very striking to discover that what you are looking for is inately related with the place where you are looking from.

September 8th 2013:

  • The events of the past are unchangeable. The future is shaped by the Present Moment creativity.
  • The past events have no power over us. Our present moment experience is determined by the meaning we attach to those events. The meaning we attach to events is within our personal control. Every unpleasant experience is therefore an invitation to reconsider the meaning we attach to external events.

September 5th 2013:

  • Absolute Truth is a Universe Reality that can fill the human mind, but is forever uncontainable by the human mind. The ocean can fill a cup with water, but a cup will never contain the ocean.

August 23rd 2013:

  • Anxiety is the art of wasting thoughts to imagining disappointments that never come.

August 2nd 2013:

  • Humour is a delicious antidote for the exaltation of self importance.

March 8th 2011:

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