Book ‘Integrale Transformatie’

Authentic contact with oneself, others and the world is the objective proposed in this book.

This authenticity of contact with oneself is not imposed from the outside but is the fruit of the integral transformation itself. It is a matter of finding the path that leads us to self-conscious fullness, of carrying out this integral transformation in spite of others and also thanks to others. This interdependence is a very complex network that Jan Janssen explains with the theory of relational cords. The author realizes that after thousands of hours of practicing meditation, the individual happiness that he aimed to achieve was not complete as an isolated entity. It was interconnected with the environment and the world.

The paths that open up with the integral transformation, the tools offered, are not rigid guidelines to follow. Those who study them can choose what is useful to them and set aside what does not bring them closer to their own wisdom. It is not a question of applying recipes valid for everyone because they are offered in many self-help books. The biological, psychic and cultural heritage of each person is different. It is a question of evolving within these inherited and acquired structures transcending towards more refined, advanced and intelligent forms.

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